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Flawless Tiling offer a 15% discount off Warmup undertile heating systems, and free fitting over 10m².

Warmup® Matting System for Tile & Stone Floors (PFM)
The Underfloor Heating System from Warmup is an uncomplicated concept specifically designed for the professional user: the electrical heating cable is attached to a tough fibreglass mesh, rolled out before tiling, and connected to a programmable thermostat.
So luxurious, yet so easy...


Economical and environmentally friendly
Depending on the insulation qualities of the floor, the Warmup® Underfloor Heating Mat costs as little as 1/2p per square metre per hour to run using the clean power of electricity. Plus, a floor heated by Warmup® products creates only the minimum of air currents, unlike radiators, which can create dust marks by their ‘chimney’ effect.

So simple to install
The Matting System’s dual core heating element, with only one power lead to wire, is easy to install in just a matter of hours, without raising floor levels. The cable is attached in a series of loops to thin but tough mats, to fit rooms from 1.5m².

Unseen luxury

As well as freeing up wall space normally taken up by radiators, Warmup® Underfloor Heating Mat is completely invisible so that all that is on view is a discreet thermostat.

Maintenance free
Warmup® Underfloor Heating Mat has no moving parts to service or go wrong. Once it is laid and tiled over, set the thermostat and forget it! The only reminder comes each morning when you step onto a deliciously warm floor.

24 hour support

Installing the Warmup® Underfloor Heating Mat is incredibly easy but we still offer 24 hour support to every customer to answer general questions and one-off queries concerning unusual situations.

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